I guess that’s it…

It’s quite a while since I have blogged about malware – and even more time has passed by since I have started catching malware. It all started around March 2006 as I was starting to contact various anti-virus labs and security companies to share the samples I have caught. But I have to admit that it was a […]

Malware and me

I was asked to explain why I am interested in malware. Well – why not? Other people are collecting strange things too – coins, stamps,… The first worm I tried to understand was the well known Loveletter. As it is just a VB Script, it is very easy to understand. Why did I read it? Well… there were […]

Botnet diet

It was a wonderful Xmas – not only from a PC resellers point of view. Old computers were exchanged and brand new preinfected preinstalled PCs were installed. As Windows XP now comes with at least SP2 and the mandatory firewall, those boxes are slightly more secure. A nice side effect is, that the new (unpatched) computers replaced the […]

Da kommt Freude auf

Ein Mail erreichte mich von der Nepenthes Mailingliste, welches einen neuen Patch brachte. Dieser behob einen Bug beim Handling zweier Viren und behob ein Problem welches ich beim Compile der neuen Version hatte. Das Ergebniss sieht schon recht gut aus und präsentiert sich wie folgt