I don’t know your experience regarding malware, but I already got my favorites there as they’re pretty nasty due to their behaviour or the fact that they are not known by the (currently installed) scanner. It happened again those days. A friend complained about her laptop acting strange.

As I am an optimist, I try to avoid thinking of malware first. So I got my Live CD with the diagnostic tools for checking harddisk and filesystem as it is a common thing that a computer acts strange on broken filesystems. As the disc was ok, I started my malware check which was quite a shock.

Currently one of those all-in-one solutions, providing firewall, mail scanner, malware scanner and do-not-know-what-else-scanner and system brake overlooked 35 virii.

No malware scanner is perfect. That’s why companies usually use different scanners on their server machines. But if you’d like to be more secure, you may want to try some online scanners in addition to your local one or a live cd.

Regarding the laptop with the 35 virii, that’s definitively far too much. But it is always this manufacturer that leaves such a bad taste in my mouth…


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