Spam Attack

The start of the new year was quite a bad one: 931 comments are waiting for moderation. Quite much if you’d ask me. Having a closer look it wasn’t the bikers gang fighting a flamewar on one of Grazer’s postings – that would be too nice to be true. Instead of a biker clan it was a bunch […]

A theoretical nightmare

It sounds like the sysadmins’ worst dream: Microsoft publishes a patch addressing a current problem and just a couple of hours later the world has to face tons of attacks regarding this issue. Before we disconnect the network and run around in panic, let’s have a look at the facts. In my opinion it’s just a matter of […]

Strange requests

I was analyzing some logfiles of my webserver during the last days and watched a huge number of strange hits coming from rather strange hosts: index.php?page= What the heck is going on here? What does the URL do? Well – it’s there for purpose – so let’s fetch it. (URL above is cloaked for security reasons) A good […]

Too much

It shouldn’t be anything new to you that I am collecting malware for submitting the samples to the AV labs. For processing the samples I am using a simple PC which checks every single sample if it’s a valid binary and prepares it for shipping. Since the update of my traps I was prepared to face a new […]