The blacklist again…

It is wonderful if you know that a plan is working – especially if it’s your own one. Regarding the WP-Blackcheck plugin, it might even fot more here as I was observing less and less spam comments into the moderation queues of the sites I manage. To get some numbers I tried to deactivate a number of other […]

Is it me John Wayne, is it you?

Some spammers can really drive you mad – especially if they are doing things like that. Looking at my mailserver logs I have found some strange IP addresses like, or which are resolving to ‘localhost’ regarding to their reverse DNS. In other words, a bad configured mailserver thinks that the mail comes from itself and […]

I guess that’s it…

It’s quite a while since I have blogged about malware – and even more time has passed by since I have started catching malware. It all started around March 2006 as I was starting to contact various anti-virus labs and security companies to share the samples I have caught. But I have to admit that it was a […]

Spam Attack

The start of the new year was quite a bad one: 931 comments are waiting for moderation. Quite much if you’d ask me. Having a closer look it wasn’t the bikers gang fighting a flamewar on one of Grazer’s postings – that would be too nice to be true. Instead of a biker clan it was a bunch […]

A theoretical nightmare

It sounds like the sysadmins’ worst dream: Microsoft publishes a patch addressing a current problem and just a couple of hours later the world has to face tons of attacks regarding this issue. Before we disconnect the network and run around in panic, let’s have a look at the facts. In my opinion it’s just a matter of […]