Smart tinkering

I’m thinking of some ways to work on my home in terms of making it some kind of smart. But smart in terms of having ‘some’ information instead of being married to information gathering services. Thinking of presence detection I’d vote against geofencing as this system does not need to know my location. Movement sensors lack the possibility […]

Bare debian

I love Linux – usually for being quite slim. But on the other hand, using a really minimalist install on debian 9, I need to add a few packages to get around. openssh-server – provides me ssh access net-tools – contains netstat ca-certificates – without that package I have to download without certificate checks apt-transport-https – allowing repositories […]


Univention UCS would be a sweet “Domain-Controller in a box” solution if there weren’t that many pitfalls like setting the NTP server correctly. That stuff is done via “ucr”, some univention tool on commandline or hidden in their registry. ucr set timeserver=”” It’s just as simple as that to stop the ActiveDirectory from acting up…

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