Huawei P10 lite – Poking around

As I had spent quite some time with Android and ROMs it was time to poke around in the thing called ‘stock rom’ – that stuff that Huawei gives to us, the end user. And that’s where it gets really interesting:

The first notable thing is that Huawei employs two recovery systems on two separate partitions. One of them is their eRecovery, the other one is something that looks very similar to it but offers a different functionality. My explanation would be space and the possibility of doing a clean update having the other one booted. So to say, it’s nearly impossible to fully brick that device – and if you do, you’re extremely unlucky or messed around with dd.

The second thing with Huawei is their models or versions of various phones. They’re pretty much all the same but software locks some functionality as needed. You might know this from some cars and their motor control box. All that jazz for pushing production costs down. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a small hack to be applied…


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