Alternatives to Nagios

Knowledge about the things happening on hosts and network is essential to a system administrator. That’s why they usually install a bunch of software tools to get the required informations from their systems. Nagios is one of the most infamous programs to do so. It monitors your machines and sends out alerts to the appropriate administrator. The disadvantages […]


Today I have really started thinking about apple computers again due to the latest incident. This time we’re talking about windows shares in a cooperated network, called smb or samba shares in combination with an active directory. The task itself shouldn’t be that hard as it was just accessing a windows share on a remote server – but […]

Enough joking

As the title says, I’m getting serious about my server boxes – no more software raid, no more running all that websites using the same user, no more kidding. As the new mailserver is already productive, the second IBM x345. As already told in the post dealing with the new server, it was no big deal doing the […]

eBay blues

I guess you know the typical eBay ads on TV, showing happy people cheering about their purchase. But what about reality? Who talks about the people who missed an item or were overbid by some software tool, which is against the TOS of ebay. But I don’t want to destroy any illusions, do I?