Moving the server machines

Due to the fact that I am moving to the new flat, my servers will be offline for a couple of hours starting tomorrow afternoon (GMT+1). I’ll post here as soon as I know anything new before we’ll go down for hopefully not more than three hours.

Update – 2009-04-29: It is not a big surprise for me, but the new line to be is still dead and it looks like the telekom service didn’t finish it correctly. So the move is still pending. Worst case scenario would be being offline for a week or two…

Update – 2009-04-30: If it’s not the provider or the telekom causing troubles, it’s the charlady causing troubles by unplugging the server rack for using the power plug. Systems are up again, but still at the old location. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update – 2009-05-04: Today our Telekom announced that a technical guy will come round looking at the problem to (hopefully) solve it. Just to be sure, I got me an SDSL Modem to be able to check their work afterwards without taking my servers down…

Update – 2009-05-07: Just before we all gave up, a miracle happened: the modem started connecting and my ISP could finally start configuring it for the final testing. To be honest, we’re suspecting the telekom guy has forgotten to remove the testing plug at the other end of the line – but who knows.

Update – 2009-05-12: After some line tests and preparations the server move happened today. All systems are now up and running in their new home.


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