Apache and OpenSSL

My SSL Certificate for the webserver expired – so I had to generate a new one, which is a perfect topic to blog about. Regarding SSL Certificates, there are two possibilities: you may buy an official one or you may generate your own. Due to financial reasons, I’m using the latter method, as it’s more or less for […]

Requiem for a box

It is a tradegy in a geeks life if a server and its data are dying without a warning. But that is how life is ment to be, according to murphy. This are the last words for and about my loyal server Odysseus. Its job was sorting and shipping the caught malware from the honeypots. May its spirit […]

Server gone?

Today at about 18:30 Guild Wars – Error code 13 – Guild Wars couldn’t complete some processes. So far the nice evening in front of the box… Update: As it seems, the european server crashed. After 1 hour it was possible to log in again. Game performance and ping times were poor. Fact is, that I got disconnected […]

Ares is back

Der durch Netzteilschaden ausgefallene Rechner ares.stargazer.at steht seit Neuestem wieder im internen Netzwerk, nachdem die defekten Teile getauscht wurden. Die Gentoo-Installation – stage1 – verlief ohne grosse Probleme, sofern man von müdigkeitsbedingten Tippfehlern absieht. Fernziel ist es, Ares als neuen Mailserver in Einsatz zu bringen. Eventuell sogar mit einer Groupware-Lösung.