Rebooting IT

My old server machines are too noisy – which is an undeniable fact and the reason for consolidating machines. It was a decision which didn’t make me happy, but logic told me to do so and offered a new challenge to me. The main problem was separating services in a way they don’t bite each other. My solution […]

Server Move

This weekend I will move my server to the new IP range. Hope that everything works as expected. [UPDATED 9:00pm CET] Things are starting here – config hacking and redoing the wires… [UPDATED 11:00pm CET] Moving finished. As soon as the DNS records have been refreshed things should be normal again.

Let’s get active

Today is a wonderful day, the Linux Day in Dornbirn – the place to gather my CAcert points to become an active assurer for the Web of Trust. As it was possible to take the assurer test on site – god bless the inventor of wireless lan – I could start to assure people immediately and gain the […]