Live and let live

Looking at the IT world, there are many systems to work with and many arguments against them. It’s amazing, but it’s common that users flame each other. Linux guys pick on Windows users, Windows users hit apple. In the end, everybody flames everybody. Fun? But let’s face it: Every system got its advantages and disadvantages. You can just […]


Screenshots are cool for technical support tasks as they are useful for analyzing error messages. I noticed that Apple users usually send quite many screenshots (as I get them quite often). After a while a friend told me how it works. To capture the whole screen, press: cmd + shift + 3 If you just need a small […]

Saving power

Saving power gets more and more important in our times, not just because of saving the environment, also the marketing people found a way to sell it. But if we are talking about power saving, we are also talking about power management. A topic that should be done right or left alone.


Today I have really started thinking about apple computers again due to the latest incident. This time we’re talking about windows shares in a cooperated network, called smb or samba shares in combination with an active directory. The task itself shouldn’t be that hard as it was just accessing a windows share on a remote server – but […]

But apple can do

I recently got the chance to check out an apple server box and work with it for a little while, as the admin there was absent and some stuff had to be done – especially the updates which I had to do. Fine thing for sure, so I fired up the Apple updater that pulled in the updates […]