A MacBook

I have to admit, I didn’t really look at Macintosh. Well – disregarding the apples in the store of course. But since quite some time, I am having to deal with those systems. So I got one.

As a hardcore Linux-User, I’m used to IBM based hardware. So I don’t have got any big troubles with OsX as such, as it’s unix based and offers a shell which allows administration and such. But the big problems are rooted in the keyboard layout and the ‘think simple’ way of thinking as OsX is quite intuitive and quite foolproof for the average user.

The keyboard layout indeed drives me crazy: The ‘command’ key, or ‘apple’ key was placed where I know the alternative Alt-Key. The At-Sign (@) was placed on the L-Key. Now imagine you’re typing in your old IBM fashion, you might hit the apple key and Q, which shuts down the application without saving. This is great especially if you were trying to address a mail or just register somewhere…

By now I am pretty used to the changes and the huge update packs and I have to say – I wouldn’t have guessed that I could comfortably work on a mac… But I am about to enjoy it.


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