Screenshots are cool for technical support tasks as they are useful for analyzing error messages. I noticed that Apple users usually send quite many screenshots (as I get them quite often).

After a while a friend told me how it works. To capture the whole screen, press:

cmd + shift + 3

If you just need a small area of the screen, use:

cmd + shift + 4

The pictures finally gets saved to your desktop.


3 thoughts on “Mac-Tip”

  • Might be worth mentioning the PC equivalents. Yes, I’ve read the post title, but you never know who might end up here looking for help :) I’m always surprised how many of my tech-savvy friends aren’t aware of them, especially the second option.

    Print Screen button = whole desktop, includes second and third monitors if in use
    Alt + Print Screen button = Just the active program’s window

    Can’t find the Print Screen button? Look to the left of F12, or if you’re using a laptop/other non-standard keyboard, check for a Fn. key. Whatever colour ink is used on that button, check any keys that have the same colour ink used for their secondary function.

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