Nexus 5X reboots

My new Nexus 5X was a bit troublesome on pure Android as I was used to Cyanogenmod (nightly snapshots). So I had to do what a girl has to do: Flash that thing. Add Gapps and be happy. Practically, the phone was rebooting every time a phone call was made or received. What I did miss was that […]

Sense of Crisis

The OnePlus One is one of those nerdy phones being shipped with Cyanogenmod per default and an easy unlocking process. In other words, it’s the android hacker’s wet dream. But at the moment things do not look that bright at the horizon: Cyanogen Inc did partner up with Micromax, a competitor of OnePlus in India.

Notes for the Atrix

After unlocking the bootloader of my Motorola Atrix 4G, things went down the drain a little as things didn’t go smooth anymore. So peeking at the memory management for looking for ressource hogs, I noticed that only half of the device memory was detected. The problem is already (well) known as it is just a missing parameter at […]