Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA

August 2012 was a nice time as Google started to take over Motorola and things actually started to look pretty bright on the smartphone market as everyone was hoping for google taking action. For me it was a reason to purchase the Atrix 4G device which turned out to be great just until they promised and cancelled updates for ICS.

Instead of the update, new models were released and thanks to the exotic SoC Chip nobody was able to do proper drivers. Thanks to the big effort of some guys and the cyanogenmod project it looks like a new kernel and probably a new firmware will be available. But no support by Motorola.

Since some time there are rumors about a new phone and of course a marketing campaign stating “Designed, engineered and assembled in the USA”. All together looks like google finally took action, doing a new phone named Moto X – just a little late for my taste..

But that new device, will it be able to do something against the bad reputation? I am not sure. But there’s one sure thing: I’ll keep my eyes open to avoid another ‘Motofail’…


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