OnePlus One Front

A short Hands-on: OnePlus One

OnePlus does a phone, namend One – the new “Flagship Killer” in town, attacking with solid 32 or 64 GB of storage, 3 GB of RAM and a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 Processor. Quite some power if you ask me, but honestly – as a nerd I am not impressed that easily. You know: Hardware is getting old and slow pretty damn soon.

But the real killer and my reason to get it was Cyanogenmod. Preinstalled.

Before starting to set up, a word of warning: If you want to root the phone, do it before you start as the device does a factory reset as soon as you unlock the bootloader!

The Phone as a daily driver convinces with a good performance show and a solid system without too many bells and whistles. In fact, no other apps than the gapps package is preinstalled. No additional crap that slows you down. Overall, a fine experience at the most recent android version available.

The Camera, having 13 Megapixel does good photos even at sub-optimal light conditions. For my taste, this is the right way to do an ‘open’ phone. But it still has one Downside: The invitation system.


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