Elephone P8000 and the OTA disaster

Careful guys, there is an update for the brand new P8000 phone out there which semi-bricks your phone.

After this warning, it might already be too late as you might have just flashed the update like I did. That way the phone got stuck in a boot loop and you are litterally stuck for a while. The problem was confirmed by Elephone theirselves, but that doesn’t make it any better.

To fix the error, you have to reflash the telephone, which is a pretty strange procedure compared to what I’m used to due to Cyanogenmod. You need the drivers for a MT65xx Android Phone and their flashing tool. But to flash the phone itself you have to make sure it’s powered off. Yeah, that’s strange, but a phone hanging in a bootloop won’t power off that easily as it ignores the power button.

In my case, I managed to get into an ADB Shell and issued the command ‘reboot -p’ which powers the phone down.


4 thoughts on “Elephone P8000 and the OTA disaster”

  • Amit Aggarwal says:

    Hello Stargazer,

    I am stuck with the same issue.

    I am a newbie here. Could you please help me with the steps to follow and links to download tools from.


  • hi
    today I added an alarm from zedge to my elephone p8000 and set it as an alarm, just at that moment my phone display turned off and could not open it, even after removing and inserting the battery again it didn’t work. than when I press the power button and vol up it open a place called boot modes.. whre there is recovery mode, fast boot, normal boot but nothing works. I need some help with this


  • Such things aren’t explained in a minute. It’s usually a bit more complicated.
    You can enter fastboot mode by booting the phone while holding down the volume + button and the power button

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