OnePlus One Front

Sense of Crisis

The OnePlus One is one of those nerdy phones being shipped with Cyanogenmod per default and an easy unlocking process. In other words, it’s the android hacker’s wet dream. But at the moment things do not look that bright at the horizon: Cyanogen Inc did partner up with Micromax, a competitor of OnePlus in India.

This desicions made OnePlus working on their own Android version based on Android 5 which should be as slim as cyanogenmod. Rumors do tell that it could be based off the ColorOS which is developed by Oppo.

After all, there’s still a thin but silver stripe at the horizon: Cyanogenmod offers a community port for the OnePlus One – so it’s pretty unlikely that the lights will be turned off at this phone too soon. Nevertheless it’s a pity to see how political stuff interferes with good products.

(Source: OnePlus)


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