Looking at Pi-Hole

Pi-Hole is a nice tool to reduce ads on your network. The way it’s working is pretty simple: The main component doing the magic is a DNS server, which’s job is to give bogus answers for unwanted domains so that the client either asks ‘localhost’ or the pi. What’s being blocked depends on a few lists which are […]

Looking at Jolla

Due to me having some time and my old OnePlus One Smartphone, I decided to have a look and find (stock) Android alternatives – something that exists without that rather enclosed Google-Environment. I mean, there surely has to be some guys trying to, right? A quick google search showed some old Android 5 ROMs, Ubuntu Touch and Sailfish […]

Why Facebook is evil

Now that’s a strong title here guys, but let’s have a look for its reasons and start out with some simple math and the way things used to be before most people run into the golden cage of Facebook. We all agree, Facebook itself is mostly a website from the end users point of view. A huge website, […]