Wiping a nokia phone

I guess you are now scared by the title, but no, we’re not going to physically destruct mobile devices here. But sometimes it is important to wipe all the data on the phone – i.e. for selling it. As the nokia guys aren’t dumb, they have implemented secret shortcuts to access some functions of the mobile phone without […]


As Toei Rei did a quite fine relaunch of her blog with her new design, I had a new motivation for doing something new with my blog. The result is the current view of the page.

The apple cult

I guess I’m not the only one out there who isn’t able to understand certain things – and this time I’m not talking about women. It’s Apple and their cult around their products – as currently demonstrated with the iPhone.

There we go again

We’re getting older every year – that’s a fact we cannot deny, even if we try to. But the cruel thing is, that discussion boards, web services and even friends are sending their greetings to remind you, that you’re older again. But Rei already noticed by herself.

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