Wiping a nokia phone

I guess you are now scared by the title, but no, we’re not going to physically destruct mobile devices here. But sometimes it is important to wipe all the data on the phone – i.e. for selling it.

As the nokia guys aren’t dumb, they have implemented secret shortcuts to access some functions of the mobile phone without the need for special menus. Those codes are that secret, that they can even be found on google…

In our case here, we want to reset the phone to factory defaults to get rid of the data on it. The code is:


After punching in the last symbol of this shortcut, a dialog will pop up, asking us for a locking code which should be ‘12345’ if you haven’t changed it already. Now the phone will reboot and erase its data. Regarding the memory card, I’d recommend just formatting it.


2 thoughts on “Wiping a nokia phone”

  • Schocker-Blogger says:

    Das ist aber auch einfach über das Menü machbar. Ich glaube der Punkt heißt “Original zustand wiederherstellen” oder so ähnlich

  • Das ist korrekt – Aber wenn es schnell gehen soll, suche ich nicht lange in den oftmals unübersichtlichen Menüs. Ist wahrscheinlich die klassische Shell-Benutzer-Mentalität…

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