Somethin’ fishy

During the last days I was looking for a prepaid card for some mobile internet device for having a small backup. I was really wondering to see that you don’t even have to register the card somewhere as it’s completely anonymous. On the other hand there’s that transparent user idea and storing logfiles for a long time for being able to analyze it if needed.

It’s a weird world…


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4 Responses

  1. nico says:

    The EU is about to forbid anonymous prepaid cards, see

  2. Stargazer says:

    I guess sometimes I don’t understand governments and their actions as sometimes many things are done too late

  3. stackevil says:

    schnell noch loslaufen zum .at aldi derivat

  4. Stargazer says:

    Und dann werden alle jene die Einkaufen schon mal vorsichtshalber als Terrorist gelistet. Aber natürlich erst Jahre später.

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