AC/DC in Wels

Saturday was a big day – in fact it was THE big day, as it was the day when AC/DC performed in Wels (Austria). I have to admit, I have never seen a place that muddy – but to be hones – even a hailstorm couldn’t wreck the feeling at the concert as they played Thunderstruck.  

Out for hunting

You know, it is hunting season and it is wonderful weather. As I am doing reenactment of the medieval scene, perfect weather to step out for a hunting trip. But regarding the financial crisis, my budget is cut down so I cannot afford an eagle to go on a hunting trip. But I am always a creative mind. […]

This is getting awkward

Quite some time passed by since I ranted about the missing quick-gps-fix for the TomTom Rider and I was about to forget about that missing feature. But as it seems, it’s us bikers again who are ignored again. Isn’t that an unkind behavior? Maybe time to look for alternatives that survive driving in the rain?

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