Maintenance updates

The server has got a new IP. Now it’s time to refurbish the websites too and update the themes and plugins to work with the new WordPress APIs. As this includes some bigger changes I am not sure if things will be as smooth as I want it to be. So if you notice a glitch or bug […]

This is strange

I am a little lost and need your help due to an unknown package which I got a couple of days ago, as I am pretty clueless where the package came from. And ‘clueless’ in that case means that I absolutely have no clue where it came from as I don’t know the sender. The package came inside […]

Caravans and campers

Caravans and campers are cool inventions – especially if you want to get to know a country. You don’t relay on hotels as you simply stay where you want to. Movingwith the camper means, you don’t have to look for a hotel as you are already checked in. Your bed, your couch, your fridge – and if you’re […]