/dev/shm not there?

Today a strange problem happened while installing Gentoo Linux. In fact, it was /dev/shm not existing. Quite disturbing if you rely on a stable build system and python. The latter one bails out because of that. Having a look at an old fstab file I figured that /dev/shm should be a simple and plain tmpfs: shm /dev/shm tmpfs […]

Winter and its joys

Winter is cool – especially regarding snow. Snow everywhere! Late, but yeah – finally the weather switched to winter. But the last days were a big mess on the roads around here and everybody wonders, that traffic suffers that much under the snow.If we look at snow chains or tires, it’s pretty obvious why.

Worn out

Men are simple. That’s an old statement, maybe you’ve heard it quite a couple of times, but it’s not far off the truth – and I have to know that, as I am a man by myself. We do not have twenty pairs of shoes piling up at home. Usually we just wear the ones we have as […]