Lenovo W500 – So far so good

Since I am able to use my Lenovo ThinkPad, it’s time to have a look at the result now. Talking about Windows, it’s just the usual ranting – no bigger problems, disregarding the common ranting that Windows is not GNU. Regarding Linux, there’s a bit more to say, but in general, nothing really disturbing – at least nothing I can’t live with.

The first thing is the ATI VGA Card, which won’t run with the proprietary binary drivers for now. I don’t know what I did wrong this time, but to be honest, the intel card just does fine as long as I don’t need 3D acceleration. Next thing to rant about is the fingerprint sensor as AuthenTec doesn’t provide proper support for Linux and as I haven’t found any open source drivers by now.

Last but not least there’s the Intel Turbo Memory. It’s quite sad that Intel doesn’t help us there, as it would be some fine space to be abused for preloading or swapping.

But enough ranting – it’s time for the good news: The display offers a superior image – especially the colors are fantastic – haven’t seen that quality on many screens yet. The CPU power is also far beyond my expectations which is a result of the huge L2 Cache and the 64 bit architecture and the support for enough RAM (for now).

Due to the echo in the comments of the previous postings about this notebook, here are some configuration files:

As usual: If you got any comments about it, shoot. Ideas, rants or even improvements… If I can get another device working, I’m surely posting the news. So stay tuned.


One thought on “Lenovo W500 – So far so good”

  • aehm, what’s wrong with your ATI card? Runs fine on my my w500 using ati-drivers-8.582

    Will check your kernel config soon, thx!

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