Goodbye Windows 8

I’m fed up with Windows 8 on my Lenovo W530 and the troubles I am facing. To name a few: No support for the color calibration sensor by pantone, VMware vSphere only works with a few hacks (and doesn’t show consoles),… I have to admit, Microsoft did a few new good things with Windows 8, but all in […]

Switchable Graphics

The topic isn’t something new – to equip a computer with two graphic cards to make it save power. The idea bases on the fact that you don’t need high end graphical performance for your daily work and so a less powerful card is implemented aside of a big one to let the system decide on your needs. […]

Lenovo W500 – Part 5

Today I decided to get the webcam working which can be found above the display, integrated into the case. Fact is, I haven’t really looked at the device, as it wasn’t listed as such. As there are no unknown devices at the PCI bus, we can narrow our search to the USB bus which looks like that: