Snap the fish

SnapfishWhat should I do with my digital snapshots and pictures? Ok – I might convert, sort or carry them with me on an usb stick. But everytime I’d like to show them, I need something like a PC or similar which isn’t really what I want to carry with me all the time. So the solution is called ‘paper’.

My first idea was printing them with my inkjet printer on photo paper. But regarding price and quality, I dropped the idea again. Alternatives? Yes, there are: photo services. But I’d need one that’s quite simple to use. Idiot proof, if possible. So I have found Snapfish.

Snapfish is a service offered by HP and prints your pictures onto mugs, posters, mousepads, books, schedules or whatever. Quite much to choose. Sounds good. For taking a closer look I have decided to give it a try.

So I’m filling in my data into the registration form and voila, I’m in there, ready for uploading my pictures. Sadly the service only accepts jpeg pictures, but it’s not a big issue, as I have to beat them in shape using gimp as I want to do a collage.

Some clicks later my pictures arrived in the personal gallery, where I am able to select the ones I want to have on my prints. Regarding what I want to do, the website warns me, if the pictures are in a bad shape. Quite impressive, if you’d ask me. Finally I have added a title and we’re ready to roll…


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