TomTom Update

Usually all my devices are up to date regarding their firmware or updates – except for my navigation system TomTom as the desktop software didn’t report any updates without having the device docked. Strange huh?

I connected the TomTom to my PC for backup reasons and suddenly a ton of updates was available, which I had to accept.

Here’s a small update for you regarding the changes:

Quick GPS Fix:
The device is able to predict the GPS satellite positions by now, using the old data collected during the last time. If there isn’t enough data available, the missing statistics may be downloaded from the web. In other words, the device got faster on finding the uplink.

As maps are far away from perfect regarding some crossroads or strange locations, you are able now to correct those yourself and report them to the community, which isn’t a bad idea at all.

Another new feature is an audible alarm as you pass schools, kindergartens, tempo limits or church locations.

And that’s the best feature now: a quick menu providing faster access to features usually hidden in the depth of the settings menu (day/night switch,…)

The TomTom device itself has proved to be quite useful and stable in my daily driving. So I can really recommend it for bikes or cars.


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