A surrealistic stick

Okay… I have learned my lesson. Never ever say that you got nothing to do – even at Filzos Blog as there are plenty of stick-assassins around. One of them is Alexander, throwing his surrealistic sticks. It was so surrealistic that it took me some time to get it.

Imagine, you are on a field. Next to you there’s a cow and a green alien with a death ray. Which one of those menance would you ride?

The alien. The cow could be gen manipulated or have BSE…

We’re making keys of guatemaltenien wood, which are transformed to gold by a deaf-mute Maori. What woud the key be for? Luck or wealth?

wealth, as I had already found the greatest thing on earth :)

Two cosmonauts are having a meeting. Booth are green. Regarding all that, what colour are your pants?

black until I have found a darker color.

Rem Ten Gnu Go
[ ] Same to you.
[ ] Could be worse.
[X] It is evening time, monsieur.
[ ] Look, all that beautiful Camels!

… and I do not have a (insert f-word here)-ing clue what’s that all about – Google auch nicht.neither

Two pigs are sitting on a bank. The one wears a pink dress while the other one keeps an atomic bomb. What would you ask them?

terrific atmosphere, right?

You’re at the bus stop. The bus with the number 42 stops and a biker and two playboy models are getting out. What are you doing?
[ ] – I would deny physical laws and create a Cheeseburger, causing stomach ache even to god.
[x] – Nothing. I am just dreaming
[ ] – Throwing tampons at the biker until he bleeds.

Exchanging my small motorbike against a bus can only be a bad dream.

It is time. For what?

Coffee – what else?

If 1×1 is 39, what is 37 x 1,5?

If 1×1=39, then 1=39. If 1=39, then 1,5=58,5. If 1=39, 37 should be 1443, as 37=37×1. So in this case 37=37×39. So putting all together 1443×58,5, resulting 84415,5.

Salvador Dalí is
[ ] a Genius!
[ ] crazy!
[ ] booth!
[ ] an egg being transformed to be a sun smiling down on us
[X] … (write something on your own): already dead meat

38 Spartan are going berserk in your front garden, throwing slow worms. Which of your blog posts would be described by that statement?

Uhm… ever read my guest writings…?

Me, the one receiving that stick am … uhm …
[ ] was
[ ] be
[ ] Screwdriver
[ ] Endoplasmatic reticulum
[ ] I just admit (write something on your own)
[X] something that is …. (write something on your own)

suffering on too less caffeine right now.

Now let’s annoy some people:

Prinzzess, Dandu, Sushi and Tante


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