Everyone of us got his tics. Yeah – that’s a fact nobody can deny. Well – a stick questioning that topic just hit me. It came from Tomatengrün including a note in my comments. So let’s dig in and work it out… What he wants to know are 6 tics you’re annoying the environment with.

8 Things

Dandu hit me with a stick: He wants to know 8 things about me. The rules so far: Everybody writes 8 things about him-/herself. The rules have to be quoted. 8 people should be annoyed with that stick. Leave a feedback at the ones blog that threw the stick on you. So let’s start: 79% Geek 75% caffeine […]

That’s my desktop

Prinzzess just hit me with a stick. This makes me think of network security again. What if the goverment decides to bring out a new law for safer blogging? Do I need to wear a hard hat then? Enough thinking. This is my current desktop: The current desktop is KDE 3.5.7. But now I pass on to Dandu […]


The web is a dangerous place. You cannot surf by without being hit by a stick. This time it was prinzzess targetting me. The stuff this is all about? Men vs women, as usual – what would be typical for a woman/man and you do/have/like (have) it?