8 Things

Dandu hit me with a stick: He wants to know 8 things about me. The rules so far:

  1. Everybody writes 8 things about him-/herself.
  2. The rules have to be quoted.
  3. 8 people should be annoyed with that stick.
  4. Leave a feedback at the ones blog that threw the stick on you.

So let’s start:

  1. 79% Geek
  2. 75% caffeine junkie
  3. 64% Zombie proof
  4. musical person
  5. My car is a C3
  6. I do not have a proper bicycle
  7. I do not smoke
  8. I am reading 29 RSS feeds

8 People are getting that stick now:

  1. Sushiator
  2. Tante
  3. Your blog here
  4. Your blog here
  5. Your blog here
  6. Your blog here
  7. Your blog here
  8. Your blog here

As I hardly know any people for such games, number 3-8 are for free. Answer the stick and I’ll list you…


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