Dinner reloaded

I think it is time to talk to the geeks again. Pizza service might be nice, but you might want to taste something different. Many people might think that I have lost my mind talking about cooking – but it can be fun!

If you are a beginner, I would propose to try out a soup distribution that can be easily installed. Just take a pot and some water and boil it for a dinner. The more advanced user might say that this is not suitable for him, as he even compiled Linux on his/her computer. Okay – you want it: You need to get out and download food from a supermarket nearby. Take a closer look on what you download! Everything needs to be initialized properly without having the destructor called. Outsiders might call that ‘looking at the expiration date’.

If everything arrived in your home (this includes you), search for a recipe. Those so called recipes are similar to what gentoo users call ebuilds. But instead of portage, it is you working them out. No panic: There are no versions or digests you have to watch for.

Good luck while cooking


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