As many people are talking about FreeBSD lately, I have decided to take a closer look. So I cleaned up my notebook to get 30 GB of free space to have a nice playground for having a look at Gentoo – Gentoo on FreeBSD

The first impressions after leaving the LiveCD behind was quite satisfying. The system feels like home as it is gentoo. The Differences are found in some small details – but as long as the same software is used, there shouldn’t be any big diffeernces for the user.


2 thoughts on “Gentoo/FreeBSD”

  • stackevil says:

    es tut nicht weh auch andere system auszuprobieren obwohl mir freebsd mit klickbunti apple oberfläche am besten gefällt in den stäckischen modifikationen so das der cheff die kriese bekommt ;)

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