HP and device drivers

As I am using my HP Pavilion since July 4th, it was time to update the drivers of my wrecked Windows XP. To do so, surf the web for hours and try to get some… that’s the theory

After a long time, the device drivers are found. Downloading them from the web is the right way. The HP support page isn’t really clever as they name their downloads like SPxxxx (Softpack XXXX)

The big problem was the SATA driver. Of course, you are able to download it – but the thing you get is a floppy image. As HP doesn’t produce many notebooks equipped with floppy drives it is quite senseless… It was my lucky day that I have a USB floppy drive to be able to extract that image. But why the hell do they provide drivers for a PC without a floppy drive as floppy imges?


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