Why Facebook is evil

Now that’s a strong title here guys, but let’s have a look for its reasons and start out with some simple math and the way things used to be before most people run into the golden cage of Facebook. We all agree, Facebook itself is mostly a website from the end users point of view. A huge website, […]

Speed up!

I don’t deny that my blog wasn’t too fast during the last year, which is one of those problems that are simply annoying but not fixed with high priority as things ‘work’ – somehow. But now I decided to improve things.

Maintenance updates

The server has got a new IP. Now it’s time to refurbish the websites too and update the themes and plugins to work with the new WordPress APIs. As this includes some bigger changes I am not sure if things will be as smooth as I want it to be. So if you notice a glitch or bug […]

Hotlinking is a problem

Hotlinking or Inline Linking is using media hosted on foreign servers on a different homepage. In other words, it is stolen traffic as someone does have to pay for it – and that’s the one hosting the image. Some guys did take quite some images from my blog here, which caused quite some unneeded traffic. I hope those […]

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