IE6 blues

It’s one if the most common problems with the old internet explorer that it handles the box model in a wrong way and I have been cursing for hours due to that problem. To be able to do some workarounds, Microsoft offers browser switching for their browser (IE only) for loading different stylesheets: <!–[if IE 6]> <link rel=”stylesheet” […]


As Toei Rei did a quite fine relaunch of her blog with her new design, I had a new motivation for doing something new with my blog. The result is the current view of the page.

Static webpages

Are you ‘up to date’ if you are still using a static webpage today? I wouldn’t say that there is a global answer to that question and everybody’s got to find out for himself. Usually I’m a big fan of automatism and technology and its advantages – but is it really worth it? Let’s have a closer look […]

Apache and OpenSSL

My SSL Certificate for the webserver expired – so I had to generate a new one, which is a perfect topic to blog about. Regarding SSL Certificates, there are two possibilities: you may buy an official one or you may generate your own. Due to financial reasons, I’m using the latter method, as it’s more or less for […]