Teamviewer now for Linux

I guess you all know my passion for Linux and that I am doing most work with it. But sadly there are always applications you need windows for, which requires a license and so on. But now the good news: Teamviewer is now available for Linux! So let’s take a look.

I fetched the tarball and extracted it, looking around in the directory structure. The bad news first: Teamviewer uses wine. Wine in that case isn’t some kind of Chardonnay – it is a way to run Windows applications on linux. But let’s disregard that for now and check the functionality.

After starting the application, the good old and familiar window pops up asking for an ID. I tested it with a second PC in range and it worked as expected. Great.


3 thoughts on “Teamviewer now for Linux”

  • Hi Christoph,

    Thanks for the post. Good to hear that you missed the “good old window” of TeamViewer :)

    We started with Wine but lets see what the future brings.

    TeamViewer GmbH

  • Hello Constantin,

    most problems can be solved by letting the user show what he did. So we can sit back and watch the freak show until the point where we take over using the words ‘look – this cannot work that way’ and do it. But that for we need the proper tools which I’d count TeamViewer definitively in…

  • You may also want to try this remote desktop connection ammyy or unvc

    The first Ammyy Admin v3 is much easier as It works behind gateways NAT without port mapping and doesn’t require installation, registration and specific settings adjustments.

    Literally you can connect to any PC within 20 seconds.

    Good alternative though! Hope you’ll like it!

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