Lenovo W500 – Part 3

After the first installation steps were done, it was time to get Xorg running, which reminds us of one of the oddities of this notebook. Remember, we have to VGA cards here.

But it would be too simple if things are working out of the box. The ATI binary drivers forced me to rebuild the kernel a couple of times to correct some braindamaged settings only ati uses. As this was done, I was really excited to launch Xorg but ended up with a stack trace.

So I asked google and found an answer at the Thinkwiki: The ATI binary driver got troubles with the second VGA card. To solve this problem, it is supposed to disable the Intel card.

But as I don’t use 3D Stuff on Linux anyways, the second option was using the Intel card saving some power while working, using the correct drivers which tend to work without changing BIOS settings – which would also make me loose the switching option on the windows side.


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