KDE 4 – no thanks (yet)

It was quite a surprise as yesterdays update list showed KDE4. They have unmasked and keyworded it for ~x86. Having mixed feelings, I started the emerge procedure which took a while until my system was up to date again.

Finally it was done. But behind the KDM Login prompt, the first surprise was waiting for me: Xorg crashed hard. As the error messages weren’t neither helpful nor useful, I had to do some trial and error stuff which finally lead me to the backingstore settings of the nvidia graphics card.

To sum up my rants: I’m not ready for KDE4 and so does KDE. But I’m optimistic that things will get better as KDE4 is on the right way into the future. But for now I’m reverting to 3.5.10…


4 thoughts on “KDE 4 – no thanks (yet)”

  • Yes, KDE4 is still pretty rough. Let’s hope 3.5 is still maintained for a while. You may have seen already but a dev posted a KDE4 mask file: I think I had to add a few other packages before KDE4 was entirely masked.

  • I have tried to install KDE4 using the kdeprefix useflag besides my beloved 3.5.10

    Things are working, but I’d say, it’s not worth putting much work in kde4 until the basic things are not fixed by upstream…

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