WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?

Today it is important to have a website with the latest bells and whistles and to show what you got. But all this requires much work if done the old and static way. Many sites are using CMS systems as a backend to make it easier maintaining everything. Today I would like to introduce and compare three of them…

WordPress is a typical blog system for small websites and blogs. Its strength is displaying news as usually done on web logs. The community behind wordpress is young and dynamic and provides a huge number of extensions and themes.

Drupal, the allrounder here is a more advanced CMS, heading a different way than WordPress. Administration is done inline on site. Drupal is also community driven, but the number of themes offered is not impressive. But it is a great system for small community sites.

Joomla is our phoenix raising from Mambo. It is a huge system for the big sites and tons of extensions and themes are offered. The administration of Joomla is rather complex and scary for a beginner. The internal access rights are insufficient and hard to extend. But for bigger projects, it is the CMS to do the show.

Every content management system got its pros and cons and purpose as its basic ideas, which makes it hard to compare. But no matter which CMS you are planing to use, it is important to have a community in behind to be able to ask questions and search for answers.


One thought on “WordPress, Joomla or Drupal?”

  • PhotoBlog Val says:

    I use both cmsmadesimple and wordpress; wordpress for photoblog and cmsms as content managment at my site;
    I had problems for taking control of Drupal, and Joomla too complex, so ;-)

    Very beautiful template you have here.

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