Spam is expensive

Thanks to my spamfilter the amount of spam mails reaching my mailbox is very low, without blocking my normal mailing. If I would not have that filter, I would have about 200 junk mails per day in my inbox. This would be about 73000 mails per year. For sorting spam and ham I would need about an hour a day. Imagine, someone would have to pay me for that…


2 thoughts on “Spam is expensive”

  • Komischerweise muss sich ja das Spamen lohnen, da ohne Nachfrage, kein Angebot, lol :)

  • Es gab mal einen Bericht eines Ex-Spammers und was der an Kohle geschäffelt hat…

    Desweiteren wird auch versucht Aktionkurse zu beeinflussen um indirekt Gewinne zu erzielen…

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