Istanbul – Day 3 – Cold. Too cold for me.

Having a hot shower can be really relaxing – especially after the day before. Our plan for today was seeing the Blue Mosque and walking over the great bazaar. But this one was not as beautiful as the spice bazaar. Lunch was great as usual.

In the afternoon we went to Taksim, an older part of Istanbul, the only pedestrian area. The highlight here was the cold wind. 6 degrees here and 12 degrees in at home – something went terribly wrong here. As a sidenote, the number of open WLANs was amazing. At about 16:15 I was allowed to defrost at the hotel.


One thought on “Istanbul – Day 3 – Cold. Too cold for me.”

  • stackevil says:

    ob ouzo oder raki beides sehr lecker.

    stargazer sollte lieber bei schwazbier bleiben ;)

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