Istanbul – Day 2 – Historical things

The day started with great sunshine and a boat trip on the river Bosporus after a short navigation trio to the bazaar for spicery where I had to collect many business cards and promise to return.

The dinner was fish. That I have had most of the bones in my piece, was undeniable – but the fish itself was tasty! The next highlight of the day was the visit at Stork’s jewelery which is a perfect place for diamond lovers.

The one who would like to spend his money in smaller parts will have more fun at the bazaar, the second visit after the navigation trip there. Afterwards we went to see a leather factory. But it was just about fashion and advertising – and of course spending money.

Salespeople are strange here indeed. They lower the price before they lose a possible customer – at all costs. That’s really cruel as they won’t let you go as they smell business. Flee as long as you can and be afraid of salesmen.

In the evening we had a something like sightseeing trip to see the illuminated bridges and buildings of the city. You get the best view of the city from the Camlica hill which is one of the seven hills of Istanbul. Back in the hotel I was really tired. I am not sure whether I hit the bed or missed…


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