Istanbul – Day 1 – Historical things

This time our day started too early. The alarmclock bugs me about two hours to early. Anyways – After a good breakfast and some tea we started our tour by 09:30. We went out for a walk and visited the Haga Sophia following the old tracks of the ottoman dynasty which took us to the Topkapi palace and the Süleymaniye mosque.

The traditional lunch was a nice alternative compared to the cold wind blowing out there. After the lunch we went out for a tour at the golden horn river which ends at a graveyard at a hill. We went back to the hotel having a hot shower.

At 20:15 the program continued with a traditional evening at a club. Belly dancers and a superb show were presented. Regarding the fact that I was chosen as a victim for entertainment I just refer to murphys law. About midnight we went back to our hotel.


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