Istanbul – Day 0 – Hitting the ground

Today started by our departure at 06:45 to the Zuerich-Airport in Switzerland. A helpful lecture there was one of the previous posts of Grazer, talking about this airport and its elevators. Without that I wouldn’t have reached my first cup of coffee in time.

At the airport I tried to log into the public wlan there for checking mails and stuff. The result was a white screen and watching my new nokia e61 rebooting. The reason is old firmware. Due to branding I have to wait for my provider releasing the update. UMTS Connections abroad are pretty expensive. My mails stayed unread.

One of that days highlight is the subway used at the airport. It took us to the gate for boarding. Due to security checks we have left at 11:25. Way to go – here we come, Istanbul.

Three hours later the pilot landed the aircraft very hard at the runbay of Istanbul. I think it will take me some time to handle the impressions of the country I am just arrived at.

A drink and the official greeting presented us the first surprise of our journey: An optional – let’s call it ‘facultative program’ was offered to us for a nice price of 209 EUR. The events there were scheduled the way that you’re pretty lost without a guide. The drink offered was primarily used for shock prevention.

19:00 presented us the first good news of the day: dinner – We had dinner in the famous restaurant ‘Orient Express’ at the train station. Yes – it is the restaurant where the guests of the Orient Express (the train) are having their meals after traveling.


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