Nameserver Troubles

If your ISPs DNS server is slow like hell, online life can be a pain. The only solution to that is either a better dns server or some kind of local cache. A local cache you may ask? Well… there is a nice DNS Server out there, waiting to be used. The pdnsd is a nameserver keeping its cache on disk.

Update: My mailserver is able to send out the messages faster because of the dns cache as it doesn’t need to wait for an external nameserver to answer that often…


2 thoughts on “Nameserver Troubles”

  • OpenDNS (.org) maintains a beautifully quick and stable DNS setup for any/all to use.
    Pair that with local caching, and you have a powerful team to work with.

  • Thank you for the hint.

    As I run my own nameservers I usually query via the root dns servers like they do – But I’ll see if there is a speed benifit.

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