Screenshots are cool for technical support tasks as they are useful for analyzing error messages. I noticed that Apple users usually send quite many screenshots (as I get them quite often).

After a while a friend told me how it works. To capture the whole screen, press:

cmd + shift + 3

If you just need a small area of the screen, use:

cmd + shift + 4

The pictures finally gets saved to your desktop.


  1. Might be worth mentioning the PC equivalents. Yes, I’ve read the post title, but you never know who might end up here looking for help :) I’m always surprised how many of my tech-savvy friends aren’t aware of them, especially the second option.

    Print Screen button = whole desktop, includes second and third monitors if in use
    Alt + Print Screen button = Just the active program’s window

    Can’t find the Print Screen button? Look to the left of F12, or if you’re using a laptop/other non-standard keyboard, check for a Fn. key. Whatever colour ink is used on that button, check any keys that have the same colour ink used for their secondary function.

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