Check XFS fragmentation

Using XFS means, that you have to deal with fragmentation of your files. Disregarding fragmentation, XFS is a wonderful filesystem which never caused any problems here. To check fragmentation, we use the xfs-debug tool in read-only mode: xfs_db -c frag -r /dev/sdX# At my server it would look like that: stargazer ~ # xfs_db -c frag -r /dev/sda7 […]

Today’s hint

Today I was trying to free some space on my server and came across my kernel sources which were a space hog here – especially if they’re already compiled: denkbrett src # du -sh linux- 718M linux- denkbrett src # cd linux- denkbrett linux- # make distclean denkbrett src # du -sh 437M . As you see, a […]


Screenshots are cool for technical support tasks as they are useful for analyzing error messages. I noticed that Apple users usually send quite many screenshots (as I get them quite often). After a while a friend told me how it works. To capture the whole screen, press: cmd + shift + 3 If you just need a small […]