Let’s get active

Today is a wonderful day, the Linux Day in Dornbirn – the place to gather my CAcert points to become an active assurer for the Web of Trust. As it was possible to take the assurer test on site – god bless the inventor of wireless lan – I could start to assure people immediately and gain the […]


Today I have really started thinking about apple computers again due to the latest incident. This time we’re talking about windows shares in a cooperated network, called smb or samba shares in combination with an active directory. The task itself shouldn’t be that hard as it was just accessing a windows share on a remote server – but […]

Somethin’ fishy

During the last days I was looking for a prepaid card for some mobile internet device for having a small backup. I was really wondering to see that you don’t even have to register the card somewhere as it’s completely anonymous. On the other hand there’s that transparent user idea and storing logfiles for a long time for […]