Certificates and the mobile phone

It has been quite a while since I started to get SSL Certificates working on my server machines – so it was time to get that stuff running on my mobile phone too. You might wonder now why the phone would need such a certificate, but in this case it’s just some root certificates to enable it to connect to my mailserver.

As my phone is made by Nokia, its Operating System is Symbian. A simple research lead to the conclusion that it’s very easy to get the things done – even without voodoo – as long as the certificates are done in DER format. But as most applications require them to be in PEM format, you might need to convert them, which is an easy one-liner using OpenSSL:

openssl x509 -in MyCert.cert -inform PEM -out MyCert.cert -outform DER

After having the certificate converted, you’ll need to send it to the phone and ‘launch’ it in the file manager. The result will be a dialog box asking you if you want to trust that certificate and we’re done. In my case I installed the root certificates of CAcert which makes it easy now working with my machines as I don’t have to confirm every single one of their certificates as long as it is valid now.


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